September 2, 2011

Dear Colleagues, Dear Students

The MEDIAPRO Programme 2 is finished today and the time of saying goodbye is closed. We have spent together two weeks here in Berlin.
Tomorrow, everybody travels to each own home with positive and I hope not negative sentiments. You brought together a great experience for a multinational collaboration, cultural aspects and local mentalities.
And last but not least, please maintain your friendship.
Please, let me recall you the main focusing issues of the lectures you had: from the technology point of view the course was focused on the Innovative Technologies in Media Production, from the current scientific research point of view the course was focused on the Design and Technology Convergence issues of the mentioned above and from the End User point of view the course the students will be able to identify and practice innovations developments that take place in technologies, new design and management structures and production environments of the print media sector.
To think of organizing such a project seemed to be a good and easy idea. To realise that, it was an entirely different experience with a lot of unexpected problems. Without the successful collaboration of Prof. Anne Konig as local organizer at Beuth Hochschule fuer Technik and all participating teachers from Athens, Patras, Berlin, Helsinki, Stockholm and Bern, this IP would have never been realized. I wish to thank all of them.
I want also to thank our students, who spent a part of their vacation to attend this course. Anne also said that you passed the exams. I congratulate you, and now we want to reward you for your effort, by giving to you the certificate of attendance.

Dimitrios Zevgolis

August 22, 2011

Guten Morgen - Hyvaa Huomenta - God Morgon - Καλημέρα

It is my pleasure to be here once again in Berlin, not only for turism but this time for study. First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Anne, as the local organizer, for the hospitallity of Beuth University.
Please, let me say to you some few words about this course. Three years ago some colleagues from our universities had the idea to submit a proposal to the Greek National Agency of Erasmus for funding a three-year intensive programme in the field of Media Production. The aim of the proposal was to bring students, teachers and experts together in order to work on this topic. The course in the first year was realized in Athens last year; the second year of the course is running now in Berlin and the third year in Bern, Switzerland next year.
This course on "Innovative Technologies on Media Production" involves partners from 4 countries, 5 universities, 32 students, more than 15 teachers, more than 80 hours of intensive learning and training; but there is one target: Erasmus mobility. Today, students from different nations have gathered here, in the multicultural city of Berlin, to learn more about our common scientific interests, to work together in scientific groups and to get experience in new cultural aspects.
As Coordinator of the programme, I would like to address to you a very warm Willkommen - Valkommen - Tervetuloa - Καλώς ήρθατε I am sure that you and we will enjoy our stay here in Berlin. Finally, I wish good luck to all of us in our common effort.

Dimitrios Zevgolis

July 2011
Students will stay at the Hostel JGH in Berlin (
Check-in: Sunday 21. August 2011 after 2.00pm
Check-out: Saturday, 3. September 2011 before 10.00am

Public Transport System in Berlin and how can you reach the Hostel from Airports
Map for the region around Beuth Hochschule and Hostel
Satellite map for the region around Beuth Hochschule and Hostel

Embassy of Finland, Rauchstrasse 1, 10787 Berlin
Phone: (+4930) 505030

Embassy of Greece in Berlin, Jaegerstr. 54-55, 10117 Berlin-Mitte
Phone: (+4930) 206260 (Consulate 2137033-4)

Embassy of Sweden in Berlin, Rauchstrasse 1, 10787 Berlin
Phone: (+4930) 505060
May 2011
It is recommended that all participating students issue the International Student Idendification Card (ISIC). This card offers discount up to 50% in museums and elsewhere.
April 2011
Students and Lecturers to participate in the MEDIAPRO2 are requested to book their airticket to Berlin on the mentioned dates. For the reimbursement both boarding passes and ticket invoice (as well as any other transportation expenses) are strictly necessary to be deposited during our meeting in Berlin.
January 2011
The students, who are interested to participate in the MEDIAPRO IP-Programme, are requested to sent a letter of interest (by email) with a short CV until March 20, 2011 to the organizing Committee.
December 2010
The previous IP2010, organized in the frame of the Lifelong Learning Programme, was held in Athens, Greece.